A lot of writers these days seem to have satisfied customers blowing a trumpet for them and this writer is no exception.

Or rather, he is.

Because among the recommendations below is one he’s made up himself. If you can spot it you win – wait for it – a reduction on your next job.

How much exactly? That’s for you and him to work out. You’ll have to take his word for it that he’s actually reducing the fee and not just pretending to like they do in supermarket ads.

For an industry that prides itself on big ideas, advertising has surprisingly few genuinely big thinkers. Paul is one of the few. Paul’s knack for writing memorable advertising has helped many brands find a place not just in the heads but also in the hearts of the great British public. He’s also a top bloke. Malcolm Poynton, Chief Creative Officer, Cheil Worldwide ★★★★★

Nothing short of brilliant. Bruce McKelvie, Head of TV, M&C Saatchi ★★★★

I have known and admired Paul’s work for over 25 years. As a ‘big thinker’ Paul has always shown himself to be original; be that doing tv, radio, poster, print or online advertising. Charles Inge, Founder, CHI and Partners ★★★★★

Paul helped us structure and write a brand advertisement treatment for a telecom brand. A quick yet deep understanding of the brand personality resulted in an emotional and delicate treatment brought to life by meaningful, evocative copy. Giorgio Rondelli, Brand Consultant Wolff Olins ★★★★

Paul has a mix of the experience of a creative director and the infectious enthusiasm of a junior designer which results in his work being relevant and refreshing. Ben Millar, Head of Design, Propagator ★★★★★

Paul is an exceptionally talented copywriter who has an innate understanding of the art of selling. He not only came up with a name for my company but also had some really constructive advice regarding branding and marketing. Steve Reeves, Founder Another Film Company ★★★★★

Paul is one of the best copywriters I’ve ever worked with. We worked together on many famous advertising campaigns, including Sony PlayStation. He has the rare ability to capture the essence of a communications brief in exactly the right number of compelling words. Do not underestimate the power of Paul’s copy.  Simon Clemmow, Founder CHI and Partners ★★★★★

Our Paul has always been very good with words. He might get himself a proper job in a nice firm one day. Mrs M Hodgkinson, Head of Affairs, Stoke ★★★★★

Paul is a very fine creative indeed. His copywriting craft, skills are an increasingly rare commodity. Rupert Williams, MD, RKCR/Y&R ★★★★

Not only is his writing impeccable but his understanding of effective film-making and attention to detail is second to none. I wholeheartedly recommend him to add value to your creative communications. Ben Catford, TV Producer, Darwin Productions  ★★★★

Paul has provided me with some wonderful scripts to work and is concise in what he wants to achieve and effective in developing an idea in a session in order to achieve the best possible end result. Nick Angell, Owner, Angell Sound Studios ★★★★

I have worked with Paul several times and he has always been incisive and creatively ahead of the pack. He’s an exceptional facilitator of good work which immeasurably benefited the radio and television projects we worked on. Paul Viragh, Screenwriter ★★★★★

Just like Postman Pat, Paul always delivers: on time and on the money. A great creative thinker and a genuine wordsmith. I can’t recommend him highly enough.  Phil Cockrell, CD, DLKW/Lowe ★★★★★

Not only can Paul do the corporate giants, he can translate his vision into the luxury and art worlds. Worlds which don’t necessarily have to shout to be heard; worlds where confidence is more often conveyed through saying little with consummate style. Sinead Madden Design ★★★★★

Paul was able to bring clarity of thought to a rather complex content project. His ideas provided a brilliant direction for the campaign and as you’d expect for a man with his credentials, his words were wonderful. Ben Kerr, ECD, Somethin’ Else ★★★★★

Paul’s quiet manner conceals a wild and inventive mind. A brilliant copywriter as well as brilliant concept creator, Paul was a key player in what became one of London’s most celebrated creative departments. Alfredo Marcantonio, Founder M-P-H ★★★★★

Quality shines through all of Paul’s work. He is an inspiration. He has shared his experience and know-how with us on several successful projects. I would highly recommend his work. He’s also reliable. Peter Thompson, Shedlight Productions ★★★★★

Paul is passionate about what he does and he has exacting standards. He delivers not only what is expected but a lot more besides. I have no hesitation in saying that he is an asset to any piece of business he works on. Helen Hadfield, Bare Film Company ★★★★